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Infant/Toddler First Time Visits in Huntington Beach CA

Just like adults,  infants and toddlers also need dental care. You don’t have to wait until a child starts losing teeth to take his/her milk teeth before taking them to the dentist. The first time visit to the dentist’s office should actually be as soon as the first tooth emerges or by the child’s first …

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Kids Dentist in Huntington Beach

Kid’s Dentist in Huntington Beach

We offer the following Pediatric Dental Services in Huntington Beach: Prevention Exams Radiographs (Low Radiation, Digital X-Rays) Cleanings Fluoride Treatments Sealants Restorations Tooth Colored Fillings (BPA Free, Non-Mercury) Stainless Steel Crowns White Zirconia Tooth Colored Crowns Extractions Silver Diamine Fluoride (No Drilling) Space Maintainers Sedation Nitrous oxide analgesia (“Laughing Gas”) In-office IV Anesthesia (Provided an …

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Welcome to Your Pediatric Dentist in Huntington Beach

Dr. Amit A. Shah DDS, Huntington Beach Pediatric Dentist Letter From the Doctor: Thanks for checking us out! I grew up just next door in Fountain Valley, and I am so excited to open Beach House Pediatric Dentistry in Huntington Beach. It has always been my dream to open my practice where I could serve …

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