Kids Dentist Fountain Valley

Happy Anniversary!

I’M FOUR! (Say it in a kids voice!) Happy anniversary to Beach House Pediatric Dentistry! What a privilege it has been to take care of the kids in our community. Thank you to all the families that trust us to care for their little ones, it has been a dream! While our office is 4, …

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Does your child have a hard time with toothpaste flavors? Is going to the pediatric dentist hard for your child due to the texture or flavor of the toothpaste AT the dentist office? Try bringing your own toothpaste from home. We can start your child’s teeth cleaning with their own toothpaste so they can get …

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demonstrate goldfish crackers

Snacking Tip!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTOne of the biggest contributors to cavity formation are processed white flour foods like GOLDFISH crackers…Other hidden accomplices are Cheez-its, graham crackers, and Oreos!..These types of foods get sticky in the teeth and remain for a long time, allowing the cavity causing bacteria to process them, make acid and ruin our teeth. It’s …

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Orthodontics in Huntington beach CA

Patients with wrongly positioned or mis-shaped teeth can comfortably straighten their teeth and adjust their bite with the help of good orthodontic treatment. At our practice, we work closely with several local orthodontists to ensure proper growth and development for your child. What is Orthodontics? Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats malocclusion, a …

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pediatric dentist

Pediatric Dentistry in Huntington Beach CA

Like adults, children occasionally have dental issues. Fortunately, some dentists focus mainly on children. Hence, instead of taking your child to a general dentist, you should consider going to a doctor, also known as a pediatric dentist. At our practice, we offer the most efficient pediatric dentistry procedure. We will make your child feel relaxed …

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space maintainers

Space Maintainers in Huntington Beach CA

A lot of children develop their complete set of baby teeth at the age of three. But if your child begins to lose their primary teeth early, or if their permanent teeth grow out late, then dentists might recommend placing space maintainers. For your child’s space maintainers, our dental practice is the ideal place to …

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nerve treatment procedure

Baby Nerve Treatments in Huntington Beach CA

Taking care of your baby’s teeth and gums is important. The nerve treatment procedure can help treat a baby’s tooth that has decayed that has gotten into the pulp or nerve. For your baby nerve treatments, our practice is the ideal place to turn to. Our dentists specialize in providing excellent and compassionate dental services …

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white fillings

White Fillings for Kids’ Teeth in Huntington Beach CA

The days of mercury fillings are over. White (composite) fillings can restore your child’s teeth when there is small decay. Kids keep some of their teeth until they are twelve years old, so they are very important in their development. For your white fillings in Huntington Beach, CA, Beach House Pediatric Dentistry is the ideal …

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Cleaning/ Fluoride Treatment in Huntington Beach CA

Fluoride treatment helps with the prevention and treatment of dental cavities. For your fluoride treatment or cleaning, Beach House Pediatric Dentistry is the ideal practice to turn to. We offer excellent and compassionate services. Dental Cavities and Your Teeth Dental cavities are permanent holes that form on the hard surfaces of the teeth. Cavities result …

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cavity detecting xray

Dental Cavity Detecting X-Rays in Huntington Beach CA

Digital X-rays can spot problems early on in your jaw, gums, teeth, and mouth. Treating problems before getting serious can relieve pain and save money. While having something in your mouth is sometimes hard, our digital x-rays provide the most pleasant and safest experience for your kid. We offer outstanding and compassionate dental services to …

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