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Baby Nerve Treatments in Huntington Beach CA

Taking care of your baby’s teeth and gums is important. The nerve treatment procedure can help treat a baby’s tooth that has decayed that has gotten into the pulp or nerve. For your baby nerve treatments, our practice is the ideal place to turn to. Our dentists specialize in providing excellent and compassionate dental services and procedures for children and young patients.

What Is Baby Teeth Nerve Treatment?

Teeth nerve treatment can help protect and save the baby tooth and conserve the positioning of the tooth, allowing it’s natural growth. Below are some benefits of treating nerves in baby teeth

  • It helps keep spaces open for the adult teeth to come in
  • It supports the structure of your baby’s face
  • It makes it easier for your baby to talk more clearly
  • It makes eating and chewing easier for your baby 

Our Baby Nerve Treatment Procedure

When carrying out nerve treatment on baby teeth, our specialist will remove the diseased pulp tissue from the tooth. The two most popular forms of nerve treatment in a baby’s teeth are pulpectomy and pulpotomy. The pulpectomy involves the entire pulp, and the diseased pulp tissue is entirely taken out from both the root and crown. 

The next step involves disinfecting and cleaning the canals, but in the case of primary teeth, they are packed with a resorbable material. The pulpotomy takes out the disease nerve tissue within the crown part of the tooth. An agent is then placed to stop bacterial growth and to relax the remaining nerve tissue. After a tooth has undergone nerve treatment, it becomes weak and usually requires a crown (or cap) placed over it.

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