Cleaning/ Fluoride Treatment in Huntington Beach CA

Fluoride treatment helps with the prevention and treatment of dental cavities. For your fluoride treatment or cleaning, Beach House Pediatric Dentistry is the ideal practice to turn to. We offer excellent and compassionate services.

Dental Cavities and Your Teeth

Dental cavities are permanent holes that form on the hard surfaces of the teeth. Cavities result from the decay of the teeth caused by the buildup of bacteria. When bacteria builds up on the teeth, they form sticky plaques. These plaques produce acid that erodes the teeth. Dental cavities are more prevalent in kids than adults due to factors such as hygiene, intake of fermentable carbohydrates like crackers, and the anatomy of primary (baby) teeth.

What Is Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments have been available for decades. This treatment helps in preventing dental cavities and maintaining general oral health. Although the treatment works for both children and adults, dental cavities significantly affect children. We recommend parents bring their children for routine fluoride treatment at dental practices such as ours. 

The combination of this standard treatment with fluoride toothpaste helps to prevent the development of cavities. Fluoride treatment reduces the chances of developing cavities by 43%. It achieves this feat by compensating for the lost minerals from the decayed tooth. It also helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria that initiate and sustains this decay.

Newer products contain hydroxyapatite. These products are most effective when combined with fluoride.

Our Fluoride Treatment Procedure

The fluoride treatment is straightforward and takes only a few minutes under the supervision of our professionals. It involves the application of fluoride varnish to the teeth. Ideally, patients should wait 5 to 10 minutes to drink or eat to allows the concentrate to be absorbed efficiently.

Side Effects

It is essential to note that this treatment doesn’t restore damaged tooth parts. It just prevents further damages when they have already begun. Excessive use of fluoride can lead to; the appearance of white specs on the tooth, staining of the tooth, and disturbances in the homeostasis of the tooth. To prevent these side effects, children who can not spit should use an amount of fluoride toothpaste equal to the size of one rice grain. Child who can spit, should use the size of a pea.

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