Children’s Dental Cleanings in Huntington Beach CA

Your child’s oral health is your responsibility. Children depend on their parents for most things, including oral hygiene. Your ability to guide them to practice good oral hygiene like regular brushing at home will pay off.  

As you probably know, regular brushing and flossing are not enough to your child’s teeth and gums strong and healthy. Children need dental cleanings to enjoy optimal oral health. You have to start taking them to the dentist as early as possible and make them understand that it is an important practice for healthy living. 

A typical children dental cleaning appointment 

Children need to visit pediatric dentists regularly. The first few appointments do not normally involve dental cleaning. From three years to six years, children’s dental cleanings are very important. They are ideally performed after regular dental visits. 

Dental cleanings are ideally conducted by dental hygienists, but dentists make the recommendations after examinations of children’s oral health. An x-ray may also be taken before a child goes for dental cleaning. 

The dental cleaning procedure basically involves the dental hygienist using specializes instruments to scrape off plaque and other buildups on the teeth. A dental ultrasound tool will also be used to clean all sides of each tooth thoroughly. The dental hygienists will also floss the child’s teeth and polish them. 

To make sure that children are comfortable during a dental cleaning, local anesthesia will be administered. Depending on how anxious the child is, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or another form of mild sedation may be used. The procedure is painless, but we also want to make sure that children are comfortable and calm during dental cleaning and other important treatments. 

The Right Place for Children Dental Cleanings 

Children’s dental cleaning offers several benefits. To ensure that your children get a proper dental cleaning and accompanying benefits, take them to an experienced pediatric dentist. Dr. Amit Shah of Beach House Pediatric Dentistry has worked with children for many years and will give your child the best dental care.